Monday, 21 August 2017

Bulletproof Vehicle Resource You Will Ever Need

Have you ever felt worried about your safety after you have left your home? It solely depends on the type of environment that you are exposed to. In places, where violence and gun shots are more prevalent, one needs extra safety in some form. Bulletproof car is the perfect answer to situations such as these that provide safety and comfort like nothing else.

The bulletproof vehicles are equipped with a protective glass and metal body parts of the vehicle are equipped with reinforced material. Generally, vehicle armoring solution is highly sought out by high profile people in business, politicians, and other high-class executives to ensure their protection. This is just another reason behind the expansion of armored car manufacturers.

The world is constantly being threatened by the terrorist activities. Every other day we hear disturbing news about hundreds of people being killed due to a terrorist blast. Moreover, violence has been increasing rapidly in our street corners and there is no protection for us once we leave our homes. Cars are a soft target for theft groups and organized crime people. This is the reason more and more people choose bulletproof vehicles to stay safe in situations like these.

Armoring is a process wherein an armored cell is put all over the car which further ensures safety from all the sides. German company Aurum Security is the first and the only company in the world which has armored a civilian SUV to the protection level VR10 with no more than 12% gross weight increase compared with an average VR7 vehicle. Smaller weight of a vehicle brings many advantages, such as increased payload, better stability and handling, smaller brake path, better acceleration, smaller fuel consumption, and increased operation life.

BULLET PROOF GLASS – In addition to providing armored cars, Aurum Security recently announced the establishment of Aurum Glass – a German company that specializes in the production of high-quality glass and glass materials for various purposes. Aurum Glass specializes in developing and manufacturing bullet-proof glass of protection levels according to CEN 1063, STANAG 4569 and GOST (Russia).

The bullet proof cars designed by Aurum Security meet the highest standards in the industry and offer higher protection combined with a minimum weight addition. All the safety equipment have been designed and developed by the team of in-house engineers, technicians and mechanics. The entire remodeling process is being taken care of by the team of experts and we assure our client the highest quality for each step of the production.

Friday, 16 June 2017

To Protect Valuable Assets and VIPs, Smart Businesses Use Armored Vehicles

Decades ago, but long after the invention of the automobile itself, private companies were some of the first users of armored vehicles. Nowadays for many businesses, armored vehicles are more of a necessity than ever. Originally, armored vehicles were developed for asset protection which is till date on the primary purpose fulfilled by these vehicles. Any business or organization that routinely transports cash or valuables can use armored vehicles, such as Armored Toyota Land Cruiser, to safely transport their assets to the intended place.

To Protect Valuable Assets and VIPs, Smart Businesses Use Armored Vehicles

Armored vehicle manufacturers are also creating custom built armored vehicles for elite customers such as
Armored Toyota Land Cruiser, which offers protection level of VPAM 7-9 and VPAM VR 10. The protection level VPAM VR10 is normally possible only for military vehicles. Protected inside the thick steel walls of a bank vault Armored Toyota vehicle can safely transport stockpiles of currency. Cash that’s being moved between secure locations is perceived as more vulnerable and criminal elements always try to make things easier for themselves by intercepting cash when it’s being transported, this is why VR 10 certified Armored Toyota Land Cruiser vehicle provides protection from all soft core bullets and most of the armor-piercing (AP) and armor-piercing incendiary (API) bullets. The Armored Toyota Land Cruiser 200 provides the highest protection among civilian vehicles.

Vehicles dedicated to the safe delivery of money, known as cash-in-transit vehicles, are used by financial institutions to drop off and pick up large quantities of money thousands of times daily without incident. Fleets of CIT vans and light armored trucks, often modifications of familiar everyday vehicles, routinely service the nation’s ATMs. Without the security of armored vehicles, the banking industry could not offer this convenience that we’ve all come to take for granted.

Businesses across the world use armored vehicles not just to protect cash and physical assets but to protect their human assets as well. Regardless of what product you specialize in or what services your business provides, all organizations need employees to make them run. However, in today's world, high-class business executives have frequently become the targets of assassination attempts or kidnappings-for-ransom schemes. The reality is that business executives often need the same kind of protection that used to be provided only to political leaders and diplomats.

Often in the movies, we have seen that corporate officers are riding in limousines, but in reality, they might be more likely to travel in less flashy armored vehicles or SUVs. Luxury vehicles, such as Toyota and Lexus, have now been converted into armored, bulletproof vehicles. Even compact cars are being custom-reinforced with armor in an attempt to provide VIPs with very inconspicuous transportation that’s meant to go unnoticed, but will offer greatly increased physical protection if the “disguise” fails to avert an attack.

For businesses around the world that understand the importance of investing in risk reduction, Aurum Security manufactures, sells and services a wide range of armored cars, SUVs and vehicles such as Armored Toyota Land Cruiser and Armored Lexus along with many others. We also serve military and police department with our state-of-the-art products and expertise.

Friday, 24 March 2017

The Hardest Thing About Making an Armored Vehicle

Have you ever thought about what is the hardest thing in making an armored vehicle. It's neither the ballistic glass, nor operable windows, nor something apart from the car. The hardest thing as defined by us at Aurum Security – one of the reliable producers of the most protected armored vehicles in Germany, is that we are constantly trying to improve the quality and safety of armored vehicles manufactured and designed by us. We always try to find out answers to the questions: “How can we better protect the passengers inside our armored vehicles?” “How can we provide quality in every aspect of what we do?”

armored vehicles

Thousands of hours are being put in designing and implementing the vehicle so as to meet the client's expectations and to give them an overall great experience. Being a Lloyds certified ISO 9000 company, we always ensure that our armored vehicles are not only the best protected car but also makes sure that all the components used meet our stringent quality standards.

UPGRADES & TECHNOLOGIES – There are many upgrades which look simplified and easier to solve in theory, but in reality, it is the most difficult task. When different technologies are amalgamated together in the movable parts, we need to ensure that no holes are made in the armor. We always conduct research and develop new processes to manufacture armored vehicles with cutting edge technology in response to the challenges and protection level required at the present time.

ADVANCEMENT IN WEAPONS – 50 years ago you didn’t have smash-n-grab or the high-quality weapons used today. Nowadays, attackers use much more advanced weapons in their attacks. As per the research study, at the time of the attack, a person has less than 8 seconds to recognize and get out of the situation. But the armored civilian vehicles prepared by us give our clients time to react and get out of the situation. We provide exceptional levels of ballistic and blast protection and focus on technological advancement, prototyping, and manufacturing of protection systems and constantly conduct research on ballistic and anti-blast materials.

To really understand how we armor vehicles, first, you need to know about the car thoroughly. Each vehicle is different and requires different ways to apply armor. Whether that be the left-hand drive or the right-hand drive options, every vehicle we work on is tailor-fitted to meet the client's exact needs and potential threat. Our main aim is to continue to improve while delivering the strongest and best armored vehicles in the market.

With each passing day, Aurum Security looks for innovations to improve the technology and provide the best to the clients. There are people who just look for the least expensive options, then this is to tell them that not all armored vehicles are created equal, that is why at Aurum Security, you get access to the same technology at the same value to protect your investment on armored vehicles.

Sunday, 26 February 2017

Armored Lexus – The Best Amongst the High Ranked Sedans

In the day to day life across the world, armored vehicles have many roles to play in delivering cash or other valuables, to provide safety to the passengers from all kinds of the attacks. In past, these were mostly manufactured for military and law enforcement agencies, but today the non-commercial ones are also being armored to provide security to important personnel. The specialized armored vehicles made for law enforcement purpose allow officers at the federal, local and state level to do their job more efficiently amid greater personal safety. While the soldiers are on “routine” patrols and dangerous missions, it is the armored military vehicles that keep them safe in conflict zones. Likewise, VIPs, A-list celebrities, diplomats, heads of the state and top corporate executives also need protection. For them, there are available armored cars that offer a high level of security without making compromises on looks or luxury.

Armored Lexus
Many armored VIP vehicles are customized as per the requirements of the buyer's specifications by adding extra bulletproof glass, armored and other necessary security features to cars that have come off the assembly line. As a skilled and experienced vehicle armoring company, Aurum Security can retrofit any high-end car – from Toyota land cruiser to armored Lexus – to provide our customers with the desired level of protection from bullets, explosives and other violent threats, while allowing him or her to ride in style.

Armored Lexus - Full-Size Luxury Sport Utility Vehicle

Lexus LX 570 is an eight-passenger luxury SUV that is spacious & powerful with luxurious interior. The sport-utility vehicle that sets the standard for ultimate luxury with superior off-road mobility and major towing ability, is based on the legendary Toyota LC's flawless design chassis. In the present scenario, Armored Lexus is not just an SUV, but a real example of high status, comfort, and luxury vehicle.

PROTECTION LEVELS – Aurum Security has armored the vehicle to the VPAM 7/VPAM VR 10 protection level, thus, making it a fully modernized car, both inside and outside. This protection level is normally possible only for military vehicles, yet the vehicles retain comfort and inconspicuous look of civil SUVs.

AIRBAGS – The seating capacity for eight passengers provides a good perspective to move inside the SUV in high risk places. Moreover, Armored Lexus comes equipped with 10 airbags which include knee airbags for driver and front passenger together with second-row side torso airbags.

Armored Lexus is a synonym for premium cars. Luxury and comfort in association with a powerful engine and modern technology provides the civilians with a perfect base to build a high-class security vehicle. One need not sacrifice the comfort and luxury for a safe armored vehicle.

OTHER FEATURES – Other performance features include a multi-terrain anti-lock system which allows in short time to stop on sand or gravel surface. It also comes equipped with Crawl Control system which can negotiate off-road obstacles.

Armored Lexus has proven to be a perfect choice for many clients. The design, manufacturing and armoring of this vehicle are done completely by a professionally qualified in-house team appointed by Aurum Security. We are able to monitor the entire process and can ensure that everything is being done to the highest standard. 

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Safety Provided by Armored Vehicles – Is It A Truth or A Fiction?

          “With great power comes great responsibility and so is their security”

Due to the ever increasing crime rate in almost all the parts of the world, armored vehicles are all the rage these days. The armed forces, law enforcement agencies and a lot of eminent personalities are taking to armored vehicles so that they can easily evade any perceived threats. All the advanced armored vehicles manufactured by Aurum Security such as Armored Toyota Land Cruiser are in high demand these days.

Advanced Armored Vehicles

But the question is, are armored vehicles really safe? No doubt they make the people inside it feel protected and safe, but what is the truth?

This can best be understood by this example: Whether you are transporting cargo, or precious materials like cash, gold or jewelry, you need to be sure that your cargo is safe from threats – both human and environmental. It is so because the more the cargo is in demand, the more it is prone to threat. The same goes for humans – the more renowned they are, they are more under the threat of attack.


Armored vehicles are designed with armored steel and fitted with bullet-proof glass and run-flat tire so as to protect the one traveling inside. As per the demand of the customer's vehicles are reinforced with different protection levels. To help alleviate threatening situations, on the sides, panels of the vehicle, glass and tyres reinforcement is being done.


The armored vehicles are equipped with bullet-proof glass so that the gunshots on the glass do not break it, as it is made of several layers which have low tension on the surface so that the ballistics may not rupture or break it upon contact. The design of bulletproof glass is such that it is thicker than the normal glass used in vehicles. Varying thicknesses of glass are used to deal with varying degrees of threat.


The tyres – one of the most vulnerable parts of the car – are reinforced with run flat equipment, which prevents the vehicle from stopping or coming to a screeching halt if the tyres go bust. The flat tyres let the vehicle continue to stay in motion, moving about 60 to 80 miles more, at a good speed so that the vehicle and its occupants move a safe distance away from the threat.

All the components thus used are such to keep away from a threat. They are being built in such a way that one can spot no difference from inside or outside of the vehicle. The main aim is to keep intact the original look of the vehicle as much as possible.

So now the actual question that arises here is: “Are armored vehicles really safe?” Yes, they are not only safe in themselves but also keep the occupants to travel stress-free and evade from violent situations. The advanced armored vehicles may be expensive for some, but safety is worth the cost.