Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Safety Provided by Armored Vehicles – Is It A Truth or A Fiction?

          “With great power comes great responsibility and so is their security”

Due to the ever increasing crime rate in almost all the parts of the world, armored vehicles are all the rage these days. The armed forces, law enforcement agencies and a lot of eminent personalities are taking to armored vehicles so that they can easily evade any perceived threats. All the advanced armored vehicles manufactured by Aurum Security such as Armored Toyota Land Cruiser are in high demand these days.

Advanced Armored Vehicles

But the question is, are armored vehicles really safe? No doubt they make the people inside it feel protected and safe, but what is the truth?

This can best be understood by this example: Whether you are transporting cargo, or precious materials like cash, gold or jewelry, you need to be sure that your cargo is safe from threats – both human and environmental. It is so because the more the cargo is in demand, the more it is prone to threat. The same goes for humans – the more renowned they are, they are more under the threat of attack.


Armored vehicles are designed with armored steel and fitted with bullet-proof glass and run-flat tire so as to protect the one traveling inside. As per the demand of the customer's vehicles are reinforced with different protection levels. To help alleviate threatening situations, on the sides, panels of the vehicle, glass and tyres reinforcement is being done.


The armored vehicles are equipped with bullet-proof glass so that the gunshots on the glass do not break it, as it is made of several layers which have low tension on the surface so that the ballistics may not rupture or break it upon contact. The design of bulletproof glass is such that it is thicker than the normal glass used in vehicles. Varying thicknesses of glass are used to deal with varying degrees of threat.


The tyres – one of the most vulnerable parts of the car – are reinforced with run flat equipment, which prevents the vehicle from stopping or coming to a screeching halt if the tyres go bust. The flat tyres let the vehicle continue to stay in motion, moving about 60 to 80 miles more, at a good speed so that the vehicle and its occupants move a safe distance away from the threat.

All the components thus used are such to keep away from a threat. They are being built in such a way that one can spot no difference from inside or outside of the vehicle. The main aim is to keep intact the original look of the vehicle as much as possible.

So now the actual question that arises here is: “Are armored vehicles really safe?” Yes, they are not only safe in themselves but also keep the occupants to travel stress-free and evade from violent situations. The advanced armored vehicles may be expensive for some, but safety is worth the cost.