Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Interesting Facts About Bullet Proof Car and Why Individuals Need Protection

Since time immemorial, the car industry has changed the way we maneuver around the world. From the first sets of horseless carriages to cars that can reach top speeds, automobiles have come a long way from the time when they were first introduced and mass-produced. At present the automobiles are available in all shapes and sizes, personalized to fit every need of the driver. In the recent past, even the bullet proof car industry has undergone tremendous changes, thereby providing a range of advanced safety solutions to the people while traveling in their vehicles. From the original army tanks to lightweight armoring solutions, armored cars are becoming more and more common worldwide.

Bullet Proof Car

This is where Aurum Security steps in. Aurum Security, which is located in West Germany, produces the most protected bullet proof cars in the world. They offer exceptional levels of ballistic and blast protection with main focus on technological advancement, constantly conducting research on ballistic and anti-blast materials. They are also engaged into R&D, design, prototyping and manufacturing of protection systems and armored military and civilian vehicles. It is Lloyds certified ISO 9000 company, which strives to provide quality in every aspect of whatever work they do, from the overall design of the vehicles down to the smallest details of the interior.

Below are enlisted the interesting facts about armoured vehicles that most people might not be aware of:

1. The First Bullet Proof Car Was Actually A Mobile Bank – In 1910, the first reinforced and protected mobile bank was introduced in New York. This bullet proof car incorporated chromium steel panels to protect both cashier and driver as well as a safe deposit vault encased in steel and electric burglar alarms.

2. Armored Vehicles Can Be Driven Even When Their Tires Deflate – Armored vehicles have tires lined with reinforced plastic which means they can continue to be driven fast, safely and with stability for several miles even after their tires have been blown out.

3. The most popular bulletproof car in the world is the Armored Toyota Land Cruiser 200 - Designed and manufactured by Aurum Security, it has been tested and certified by the German military testing facility iABG according to the standard BRV 2009, protection level VR 10 - the highest protection level for civilian vehicles. The bullet-proof glasses, thickness of which is 80 mm, installed in the vehicle provide protection at any angle.

4. There are somewhere around 100,000 armoured vehicles currently in use across the world. The odds of dying in a car accident are around 1 in 5,000. The odds of dying in an armored car by accident are around 1 in 30,000 (6x less likely).

5. Attackers first try to destroy the glasses of armored vehicles. That's why it is important that you get bullet proof glasses installed on your armored vehicle that provide the highest level of safety & bullet resistance. Aurum Security's newest bullet-proof glass is not only 20% lighter than conventional bullet-proof glass but also provides the highest level of protection from such attacks.

With the latest armoring solutions that are offered by Aurum Security, it has opened up a whole new level of protection and allowed more and more people to feel the peace of mind while driving and riding the bullet proof car. We are the first company that certified our armored vehicles with the protection level VR10 in 2013, and hence, we are also the first company that produces vehicles with the highest level of VR10 protection.

Friday, 25 November 2016

Remember!! Not All Protection is Created Equal

Though the prospect of using advanced armored vehicles can seem drastic to some, however, the need for protection should never be ignored, no matter where you live, where you work or what your job entails. If your lifestyle and work require extra precaution, then your first task will be to figure out where to start. If you are interested in investing in purpose-built armored vehicles, then have a look at these 3 protection options available with armored cars.

Advanced Armored Vehicles

1. Replacing original vehicle glasses with bullet-proof ones. Bullet-proof glasses are made with the use of polycarbonate and ordinary or strengthened glass, which is further layered with polyurethane. The thickness of bullet-proof glasses range from 10 to 200 mm.

Naturally, these glass panels offer most effective protection from visible, targeted fire and blasts.

2. Flat Tire Inserts – When a vehicle is equipped with flat tire inserts, then it can also travel, even if all the four tires get flat for at least 50 km at 50km/h (depending on the terrain). They also maintain the structural integrity of the wheel by reducing friction and heat build-up inside. The inserts also offer bullet resistant protection against rifles and handguns.

The flat tire inserts are most beneficial in situations of escape.

3. Making the vehicle Light–WđÁighted - The art of designing armoring is to achieve highest possible protection level with minimum possible weight. To design advanced armored vehicles, modern 3D CAD systems are used, which allows to calculate and analyze structural integrity and mechanical robustness of the construction.

• The smaller weight of a vehicle brings many advantages: increased payload, better stability & handling, smaller brake path, better acceleration, smaller fuel consumption, and increased operation life.

The aforesaid options are the most effective and viable for anyone looking to enhance the protection of their vehicle, irrespective of the circumstances.

If safety is your priority, buying one of the most advanced armored vehicles is the perfect solution. The companies nowadays offer complete tailor-made armoring process, thus giving the customer the freedom to decide on every aspect of the armoring process, be it the curved bullet – proof vehicle glass or run-flat tires. Buy the latest advanced armored vehicle to ensure your security and protection!

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Can Extra Customization on Advanced Armored Vehicles Protect You?

Are you the one who often stays late in the office to complete the assigned work? Have you ever heard from your friend or relative that at late night a man with a mask rams into them with a gun and asked them to come out while pointing the gun? In this situation what they did or what you will do? 90% people will abide by the orders of the carjacker because everyone knows that the speed of the bullet is much faster than the speed of the car. And there is no another way to come out of this grueling situation. Either get shot or do what the carjacker demands.

Advanced armored vehicles
Now imagine, what if you have an advanced armored vehicle/car? What if you are very well aware that even a bullet cannot enter your car? Yes, the right thought might have popped up in your mind. With the armored vehicle on your side, you have a good chance to escape the situation, thus saving your life as well as money. Every year across the world as many as 40,000 to 60,000 kidnappings take place and maximum kidnappers demand ransom with no guarantee of survival. In such a situation advanced armored vehicles are always a bliss.

Such type of attacks most of the time occurs when the victim is in the car. The rise of such attacks has posed a great threat to the lives of people especially politicians and businessmen. Therefore, the need of the hour is that armoring of the car is very much essential for all businessmen and government officials. With the advancement in technology, even the SUV can be converted into sturdy and robust armored car.

Not only SUV but also almost any civilian car can be turned into an armored fortress on wheels taking the safety to the next level. If you are also interested in getting an armored car or want to turn your existing car into an armored one, then the first thing you need to do is to locate an advanced armored vehicles manufacturer. While considering an armoring company, make sure that they can boost safety and security of your car.

With the increasing demand of bullet resistant cars, price of armoring has also become reasonable. Always remember that life is more precious than the cost of armoring specially when you are very well aware of some danger to your life. Whatever might be the case armoring your car is a good idea.

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Why the Armored Toyota Land Cruiser is in demand?

We are living in the age, where the trend of personal armored vehicles is increasing with each passing day. Gone are the days when armored Toyota Land Cruiser along with other armored vehicles was used by government officials, wealthy chaps, oil pioneers of the Gulf and bank cash vehicles. But with increasing trend of global instability many high profile individuals are getting their existing cars converted into something that looks like a rolling fortresses.

Armored Toyota Land Cruiser

In the recent past, the companies offering professional armoring services have increased across the globe. With the increasing demand for armored civilian vehicles, the civilian armored vehicle market is now the new emerging segment in the global armored vehicle market. New technologies of armoring products have surfaced in the market which you can buy to transform the existing vehicle into high security armored vehicle. However, armored Toyota Land Cruiser is the most sought out product amongst all the trending personal armored vehicles. Check out the below mentioned reasons:

Specifications of the Armored Toyota Land Cruiser 

As per the protection levels, the Armored Toyota Land Cruiser 200 is produced at the protection levels from B6 (VPAM 7) to VPAM VR 10. The German military testing facility iABG tested and certified our Toyota Land Cruiser 200 vehicle as per the standard-BRV 2009, protection level VR 10. Usually, the curb weight of an armored TLC 200 certified to VR7 is about 4600 kg, in our case, it is only 200 kg heavier, and still provides about 1000 kg payload. Talking about the protection levels, they range from the hand gun to high powered rifles with armor piercing bullets, and all the original glass will be replaced with multi-layered ballistic glass.

Tailor-made armoring process made more easy...

The companies nowadays offer complete tailor-made armoring process, thus giving the customer the freedom to decide on every aspect of the armoring process, be it the protection level of the ballistic materials, blast protection level they want, or anything. Irrespective which model Land Cruiser you choose, Aurum Security can provide armoring solutions for it too. In fact, armoring solution services are offered for any model/year Toyota Land Cruisers.

The only company in the world to be ranked asbestarmoringsolutions provider is Aurum Security. The company provides the same protection level, which is normally found in its armored military vehicles, in the civilian vehicles. At the same time they also make sure to maintain the comfort as well as the inconspicuous look of civil SUVs. And for sure armored Toyota Land Cruiser provides the highest protection among civilian vehicles.

Monday, 26 September 2016

How Armored Security Vehicle Can Save You From Carjacking

Carjacking – a portmanteau of car and hijacking – is an unprovoked violent attack that involves  stealing a car from the driver through force, violence or intimidation. A potentially life-threatening form of auto theft, carjacking incidences have increased over the past decades across the world. Statistically speaking, the occurrences of carjacking is increasing each year, but it is not easy to track as there is no police code for this type of crime. Going by the available statistics, it has been found that there were 16,000 carjackings in South Africa in the year 1998 alone. From 1993 to 2002, some 38,000 carjacking victimization occurred annually in the U.S., and by 2013, the carjacking incidence increased to 701 in the Michigan city of Detroit alone.

The Most Likely Places Where Carjacking Occurs The Most:

• High crime areas such as urban cities during off-peak traffic times
• Lesser traveled roads such as rural areas
• Isolated areas in parking lots, especially ones with poor lighting and security
• Outside of ATMs, near home driveways and intersections
• Gas stations and outside retail stores

How Armoring Your Vehicle can Prevent Carjacking

The increasing security challenges arising due to rise in crimes such as carjacking, kidnappings and other life threatening attacks has led to the growing demand for armored civilian vehicles. Previously armored vehicles were solely used by politicians, diplomats, celebrities and law enforcement agencies; however, now armored security vehicles is gaining demand amongst civilians due to the rising fear of personal safety. Strong armored vehicles can offer you utmost protection during carjacking situation. An armored civilian car comes complete with advanced security measures that can help you to safely get out of the emergency situation.

• Bullet Proof Glass: You can have the bullet proof glass for your car's windows and windshield. Bullet proof glass is a multilayered laminated glass that provides protection against several ammunition types and weapons. The thicker the bulletproof glass you use for your armored car, the more protection you will get.

• Heavy Duty Hinges: Heavy duty latches, hinges and handles for doors and windows can be used  for your vehicle to protect the doors from being broken. A carjacker will not be able to get into the car if it is locked from inside and do any harm to you/steal the car.

• Electric Door Handles: It is generally recommended to lock your doors in such situation, but it may happen that the thief will still try to force open the doors. Electric door handle feature of armored vehicles is a good way to prevent the attacker to do so. You can turn on the shock feature of the electric door handle, and the carjacker will be subject to a very unpleasant shock!

Other Recommendations for Preventing Carjacking

When any stranger with weapon in their hand approaches your vehicle, awareness is the best weapon that you can use in such situation. There are some ways other than armoring your vehicle that you can follow to prevent carjacking:

• Always park in well-lighted and secured place
• Don't park near wooded areas or near large vans and trucks
• Don’t stop at isolated areas and be alert all the time
• Be alert to suspicious persons loitering in the area
• If someone tries to approach, change direction
• Never leave valuable items in your car that people can see easily
• Always look around before you get out of your car

Carjacking is often a brutal crime, but you could save yourself and your car from being stolen by following these tips. The best way to prevent carjacking is to get your car armored. The armored security vehicle can be well worth the investment, considering the increasing rate of crimes these days, and for preventing loss of life.

Thursday, 25 August 2016

3 Criteria to Select The Best Armored Civilian Vehicle

Armored Vehicles, be it high end luxury sedan or a standard SUV such as Toyota Land Cruiser, are the most safest, secure bulletproof custom cars that provide the highest blast & ballistic protection. With unparalleled safety and customized features, armored automobiles offer an exceptional level of road accident and crime protection, making it very difficult to damage as compared to standard vehicles. So, if you're in the market to purchase armored vehicle for your need, there are certain things you must consider for making an informed decision:

1. Ballistic Protection Levels

Ballistic protection level indicates to what extent an armor material can provide protection against bullets. Originally there were seven specified levels of protection in the European standards – the higher the level, the higher the protection, from B1 to B7;these levels of protection indicate the ability of different bullets to penetrate armored materials.

• Class B1 and B2 provide lower levels of protection, though they can withstand & slower down bullets from some low-power weapons.
• Class B3 and Class B4 materials can withstand .357 and .44 Magnum rounds, respectively.
• Class B5 defines protection against special .357 Magnum CB (coned bullets)
• Class B6 defines protection against most soft-core bullets with caliber 7..62
• Class B7 used to be the highest level of security for civilian vehicles, it also includes protection against armor-piercing bullets of Kalashnikov and M16 automatic gun

In 2006 a European association of testing facilities, VPAM, introduced a new standard - APR 2006, which defined 14 protection levels and was meant as a basis for ballistic testing of materials, construction and objects; you can find more information here: http://www.aurum-security.de/en/standards/ballistic-standards.html
You might want to refer to a standard ballistic protection chart that shows armoring levels based on vehicle type, size, weight and types of bullets.

2. Armoring Materials Used

In an armored vehicle, only lightweight composite armors that are impervious to gun munitions should be used for interior compartments. Two types of armoring materials are used: transparent and opaque. Transparent materials are dense layered ballistic glass and opaque armors consist of hardened ballistic steel. A standard vehicle is completely dismantled to integrate the armor materials on roof, doors, floor quarters & pillar posts to form a complete self-supporting structure; battery box and ECM are covered with ballistic steel; and tires are replaced with high-performance run-flat tire inserts. The company that you will choose for vehicle armoring must have state-of-the-art technologies and world-class blast & ballistic materials to obtain outstanding armored vehicle.

3. The Right Base Vehicle

Many vehicles can be chosen as a basis for an armored one but you must choose the right vehicle in order to achieve greater safety. Today, many people prefer sports utility vehicles such as Toyota Land Cruiser for armoring due to its reliability, availability of spare parts and service, and excellent brand reputation. A wide range of other vehicles that can be armored includes executive SUVs, luxury sedans, personnel carriers and cash-in-transit cars.

Civilians must consider these 3 factors to get an armored vehicle, which is high in reliability, appearance, and performance. From armored Toyota Land Cruiser to armored sedans based on Mercedes, getting your vehicle armored with these three things in mind can enhance your lifestyle as well as save your life!