Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Why the Armored Toyota Land Cruiser is in demand?

We are living in the age, where the trend of personal armored vehicles is increasing with each passing day. Gone are the days when armored Toyota Land Cruiser along with other armored vehicles was used by government officials, wealthy chaps, oil pioneers of the Gulf and bank cash vehicles. But with increasing trend of global instability many high profile individuals are getting their existing cars converted into something that looks like a rolling fortresses.

Armored Toyota Land Cruiser

In the recent past, the companies offering professional armoring services have increased across the globe. With the increasing demand for armored civilian vehicles, the civilian armored vehicle market is now the new emerging segment in the global armored vehicle market. New technologies of armoring products have surfaced in the market which you can buy to transform the existing vehicle into high security armored vehicle. However, armored Toyota Land Cruiser is the most sought out product amongst all the trending personal armored vehicles. Check out the below mentioned reasons:

Specifications of the Armored Toyota Land Cruiser 

As per the protection levels, the Armored Toyota Land Cruiser 200 is produced at the protection levels from B6 (VPAM 7) to VPAM VR 10. The German military testing facility iABG tested and certified our Toyota Land Cruiser 200 vehicle as per the standard-BRV 2009, protection level VR 10. Usually, the curb weight of an armored TLC 200 certified to VR7 is about 4600 kg, in our case, it is only 200 kg heavier, and still provides about 1000 kg payload. Talking about the protection levels, they range from the hand gun to high powered rifles with armor piercing bullets, and all the original glass will be replaced with multi-layered ballistic glass.

Tailor-made armoring process made more easy...

The companies nowadays offer complete tailor-made armoring process, thus giving the customer the freedom to decide on every aspect of the armoring process, be it the protection level of the ballistic materials, blast protection level they want, or anything. Irrespective which model Land Cruiser you choose, Aurum Security can provide armoring solutions for it too. In fact, armoring solution services are offered for any model/year Toyota Land Cruisers.

The only company in the world to be ranked asbestarmoringsolutions provider is Aurum Security. The company provides the same protection level, which is normally found in its armored military vehicles, in the civilian vehicles. At the same time they also make sure to maintain the comfort as well as the inconspicuous look of civil SUVs. And for sure armored Toyota Land Cruiser provides the highest protection among civilian vehicles.

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