Monday, 26 September 2016

How Armored Security Vehicle Can Save You From Carjacking

Carjacking – a portmanteau of car and hijacking – is an unprovoked violent attack that involves  stealing a car from the driver through force, violence or intimidation. A potentially life-threatening form of auto theft, carjacking incidences have increased over the past decades across the world. Statistically speaking, the occurrences of carjacking is increasing each year, but it is not easy to track as there is no police code for this type of crime. Going by the available statistics, it has been found that there were 16,000 carjackings in South Africa in the year 1998 alone. From 1993 to 2002, some 38,000 carjacking victimization occurred annually in the U.S., and by 2013, the carjacking incidence increased to 701 in the Michigan city of Detroit alone.

The Most Likely Places Where Carjacking Occurs The Most:

• High crime areas such as urban cities during off-peak traffic times
• Lesser traveled roads such as rural areas
• Isolated areas in parking lots, especially ones with poor lighting and security
• Outside of ATMs, near home driveways and intersections
• Gas stations and outside retail stores

How Armoring Your Vehicle can Prevent Carjacking

The increasing security challenges arising due to rise in crimes such as carjacking, kidnappings and other life threatening attacks has led to the growing demand for armored civilian vehicles. Previously armored vehicles were solely used by politicians, diplomats, celebrities and law enforcement agencies; however, now armored security vehicles is gaining demand amongst civilians due to the rising fear of personal safety. Strong armored vehicles can offer you utmost protection during carjacking situation. An armored civilian car comes complete with advanced security measures that can help you to safely get out of the emergency situation.

• Bullet Proof Glass: You can have the bullet proof glass for your car's windows and windshield. Bullet proof glass is a multilayered laminated glass that provides protection against several ammunition types and weapons. The thicker the bulletproof glass you use for your armored car, the more protection you will get.

• Heavy Duty Hinges: Heavy duty latches, hinges and handles for doors and windows can be used  for your vehicle to protect the doors from being broken. A carjacker will not be able to get into the car if it is locked from inside and do any harm to you/steal the car.

• Electric Door Handles: It is generally recommended to lock your doors in such situation, but it may happen that the thief will still try to force open the doors. Electric door handle feature of armored vehicles is a good way to prevent the attacker to do so. You can turn on the shock feature of the electric door handle, and the carjacker will be subject to a very unpleasant shock!

Other Recommendations for Preventing Carjacking

When any stranger with weapon in their hand approaches your vehicle, awareness is the best weapon that you can use in such situation. There are some ways other than armoring your vehicle that you can follow to prevent carjacking:

• Always park in well-lighted and secured place
• Don't park near wooded areas or near large vans and trucks
• Don’t stop at isolated areas and be alert all the time
• Be alert to suspicious persons loitering in the area
• If someone tries to approach, change direction
• Never leave valuable items in your car that people can see easily
• Always look around before you get out of your car

Carjacking is often a brutal crime, but you could save yourself and your car from being stolen by following these tips. The best way to prevent carjacking is to get your car armored. The armored security vehicle can be well worth the investment, considering the increasing rate of crimes these days, and for preventing loss of life.

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