Friday, 24 March 2017

The Hardest Thing About Making an Armored Vehicle

Have you ever thought about what is the hardest thing in making an armored vehicle. It's neither the ballistic glass, nor operable windows, nor something apart from the car. The hardest thing as defined by us at Aurum Security – one of the reliable producers of the most protected armored vehicles in Germany, is that we are constantly trying to improve the quality and safety of armored vehicles manufactured and designed by us. We always try to find out answers to the questions: “How can we better protect the passengers inside our armored vehicles?” “How can we provide quality in every aspect of what we do?”

armored vehicles

Thousands of hours are being put in designing and implementing the vehicle so as to meet the client's expectations and to give them an overall great experience. Being a Lloyds certified ISO 9000 company, we always ensure that our armored vehicles are not only the best protected car but also makes sure that all the components used meet our stringent quality standards.

UPGRADES & TECHNOLOGIES – There are many upgrades which look simplified and easier to solve in theory, but in reality, it is the most difficult task. When different technologies are amalgamated together in the movable parts, we need to ensure that no holes are made in the armor. We always conduct research and develop new processes to manufacture armored vehicles with cutting edge technology in response to the challenges and protection level required at the present time.

ADVANCEMENT IN WEAPONS – 50 years ago you didn’t have smash-n-grab or the high-quality weapons used today. Nowadays, attackers use much more advanced weapons in their attacks. As per the research study, at the time of the attack, a person has less than 8 seconds to recognize and get out of the situation. But the armored civilian vehicles prepared by us give our clients time to react and get out of the situation. We provide exceptional levels of ballistic and blast protection and focus on technological advancement, prototyping, and manufacturing of protection systems and constantly conduct research on ballistic and anti-blast materials.

To really understand how we armor vehicles, first, you need to know about the car thoroughly. Each vehicle is different and requires different ways to apply armor. Whether that be the left-hand drive or the right-hand drive options, every vehicle we work on is tailor-fitted to meet the client's exact needs and potential threat. Our main aim is to continue to improve while delivering the strongest and best armored vehicles in the market.

With each passing day, Aurum Security looks for innovations to improve the technology and provide the best to the clients. There are people who just look for the least expensive options, then this is to tell them that not all armored vehicles are created equal, that is why at Aurum Security, you get access to the same technology at the same value to protect your investment on armored vehicles.