Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Interesting Facts About Bullet Proof Car and Why Individuals Need Protection

Since time immemorial, the car industry has changed the way we maneuver around the world. From the first sets of horseless carriages to cars that can reach top speeds, automobiles have come a long way from the time when they were first introduced and mass-produced. At present the automobiles are available in all shapes and sizes, personalized to fit every need of the driver. In the recent past, even the bullet proof car industry has undergone tremendous changes, thereby providing a range of advanced safety solutions to the people while traveling in their vehicles. From the original army tanks to lightweight armoring solutions, armored cars are becoming more and more common worldwide.

Bullet Proof Car

This is where Aurum Security steps in. Aurum Security, which is located in West Germany, produces the most protected bullet proof cars in the world. They offer exceptional levels of ballistic and blast protection with main focus on technological advancement, constantly conducting research on ballistic and anti-blast materials. They are also engaged into R&D, design, prototyping and manufacturing of protection systems and armored military and civilian vehicles. It is Lloyds certified ISO 9000 company, which strives to provide quality in every aspect of whatever work they do, from the overall design of the vehicles down to the smallest details of the interior.

Below are enlisted the interesting facts about armoured vehicles that most people might not be aware of:

1. The First Bullet Proof Car Was Actually A Mobile Bank – In 1910, the first reinforced and protected mobile bank was introduced in New York. This bullet proof car incorporated chromium steel panels to protect both cashier and driver as well as a safe deposit vault encased in steel and electric burglar alarms.

2. Armored Vehicles Can Be Driven Even When Their Tires Deflate – Armored vehicles have tires lined with reinforced plastic which means they can continue to be driven fast, safely and with stability for several miles even after their tires have been blown out.

3. The most popular bulletproof car in the world is the Armored Toyota Land Cruiser 200 - Designed and manufactured by Aurum Security, it has been tested and certified by the German military testing facility iABG according to the standard BRV 2009, protection level VR 10 - the highest protection level for civilian vehicles. The bullet-proof glasses, thickness of which is 80 mm, installed in the vehicle provide protection at any angle.

4. There are somewhere around 100,000 armoured vehicles currently in use across the world. The odds of dying in a car accident are around 1 in 5,000. The odds of dying in an armored car by accident are around 1 in 30,000 (6x less likely).

5. Attackers first try to destroy the glasses of armored vehicles. That's why it is important that you get bullet proof glasses installed on your armored vehicle that provide the highest level of safety & bullet resistance. Aurum Security's newest bullet-proof glass is not only 20% lighter than conventional bullet-proof glass but also provides the highest level of protection from such attacks.

With the latest armoring solutions that are offered by Aurum Security, it has opened up a whole new level of protection and allowed more and more people to feel the peace of mind while driving and riding the bullet proof car. We are the first company that certified our armored vehicles with the protection level VR10 in 2013, and hence, we are also the first company that produces vehicles with the highest level of VR10 protection.

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