Sunday, 26 February 2017

Armored Lexus – The Best Amongst the High Ranked Sedans

In the day to day life across the world, armored vehicles have many roles to play in delivering cash or other valuables, to provide safety to the passengers from all kinds of the attacks. In past, these were mostly manufactured for military and law enforcement agencies, but today the non-commercial ones are also being armored to provide security to important personnel. The specialized armored vehicles made for law enforcement purpose allow officers at the federal, local and state level to do their job more efficiently amid greater personal safety. While the soldiers are on “routine” patrols and dangerous missions, it is the armored military vehicles that keep them safe in conflict zones. Likewise, VIPs, A-list celebrities, diplomats, heads of the state and top corporate executives also need protection. For them, there are available armored cars that offer a high level of security without making compromises on looks or luxury.

Armored Lexus
Many armored VIP vehicles are customized as per the requirements of the buyer's specifications by adding extra bulletproof glass, armored and other necessary security features to cars that have come off the assembly line. As a skilled and experienced vehicle armoring company, Aurum Security can retrofit any high-end car – from Toyota land cruiser to armored Lexus – to provide our customers with the desired level of protection from bullets, explosives and other violent threats, while allowing him or her to ride in style.

Armored Lexus - Full-Size Luxury Sport Utility Vehicle

Lexus LX 570 is an eight-passenger luxury SUV that is spacious & powerful with luxurious interior. The sport-utility vehicle that sets the standard for ultimate luxury with superior off-road mobility and major towing ability, is based on the legendary Toyota LC's flawless design chassis. In the present scenario, Armored Lexus is not just an SUV, but a real example of high status, comfort, and luxury vehicle.

PROTECTION LEVELS – Aurum Security has armored the vehicle to the VPAM 7/VPAM VR 10 protection level, thus, making it a fully modernized car, both inside and outside. This protection level is normally possible only for military vehicles, yet the vehicles retain comfort and inconspicuous look of civil SUVs.

AIRBAGS – The seating capacity for eight passengers provides a good perspective to move inside the SUV in high risk places. Moreover, Armored Lexus comes equipped with 10 airbags which include knee airbags for driver and front passenger together with second-row side torso airbags.

Armored Lexus is a synonym for premium cars. Luxury and comfort in association with a powerful engine and modern technology provides the civilians with a perfect base to build a high-class security vehicle. One need not sacrifice the comfort and luxury for a safe armored vehicle.

OTHER FEATURES – Other performance features include a multi-terrain anti-lock system which allows in short time to stop on sand or gravel surface. It also comes equipped with Crawl Control system which can negotiate off-road obstacles.

Armored Lexus has proven to be a perfect choice for many clients. The design, manufacturing and armoring of this vehicle are done completely by a professionally qualified in-house team appointed by Aurum Security. We are able to monitor the entire process and can ensure that everything is being done to the highest standard. 

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